REPORT, VIDEOS and PICS: our Periscoping activity at Convening Leaders


Convening Leaders, the conference held in Vancouver from the 10 to the 13 of January 2016, and organized by the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) has been definitely a great success!

What we liked most about Convening Leaders:

  1. A very well balanced mix of good education, innovation, and amazing vibe.
  2. The mashup studio and the TV Channel
  3. The TechCentral area with sessions, experts’ assistance and tech tools to experiment.
  4. The networking moments (including whitespaces and parties!)
  5. The way PCMA spoiled us.
  6. The creative ways they provided to collect feedbacks and ideas
  7. and the Wi-Fi worked very well.

Some suggestions:

  1. Every plenary session was a bit too much a “yes you can” session. Maybe we could have more keynotes from our Industry to share amazing cases more related to our work?
  2. Several sessions had AV issues (including one of the sessions we presented) and there was no plan B possible (using a pen drive) if the technician was not able to set up properly your computer (a MACbook air). Having the chance to upload slides locally last minute, instead of having everything centralized, can solve these issues.
  3. The mobile app of the conference was not optimized for social media sharing. There was no prefilled hashtag and a not intuitive way to share the content with others. The web version of the app was not surfable by not-registered people.
  4. The waiters had no idea of what a vegan meeting professional is 😉 how about asking the catering company to do a briefing pre-event explaining dietary requirements?

Please share your own experience in the comments below if you attended #PCMACL or your opinion.

Below you can find a recap of all the videos we recorded during our Periscoping activity at Convening Leaders, and here you can find more info on the Periscoping project


How to Curate Captivating Content at Your Event to Create Impactful Engagement

This is the Periscope video of the session on How to Curate Captivating Content at Your Event to Create Impactful Engagement, presented by Stefania Conti-Vecchi in Vancouver the 11 of January 2016.
This session has been designed to give you inspiration on how you can capture content at your event and use it to engage a larger audience in real-time during the event or after the event is over. You’ll see different ways of capturing content with professional tools but also how to use the content produced by your event participants to have happier clients and sponsors.

Technology’s impact on the future of events, will you be ready?

This is the Periscope video of the session Dan Berger gave. Learnings objectives include a review of how technology has changed the way we work, a framework for reviewing the planning process, how technology will shape our industry’s future, and ideas for planners on how to stay ahead.

#Askusanything about technology for meetings and events

This session presented by Dahlia El Gazzar together with Stefania Conti-Vecchi, Tess Vismale, and Keith Johnston was dedicated to participants’ questions event tech related, on productivity apps, mobile devices, desktop programs and so on. The panel addressed all participant impressions, concerns, and challenges.
This is the Periscope video live streamed during the session.

Be More Persuasive! Conversation and Presentation Techniques That Win Most

This is the Periscope video of the session “Be More Persuasive! Conversation and Presentation Techniques That Win Most” presented by Sue Hershkowitz-Coore and live streamed the 12 of January 2016.
When the presentation is important and the stakes are high, it’s not easy to be at your best. This session will expand your ability to persuade by examining important new research on conveying a confident message using techniques you can immediately put into practice.


Moving around in the TechCentral area

Here is the Periscope video of the TechCentral area located in the 1st floor of the Vancouver Convention Center in a rare moment of quiet the 1st day of the Convening Leaders conference.
In the TechCentral there was the Digitechbar, a Linkedin corner, a learning area and 31 booths of tech-providers.
Listen to Tess VismaleDahlia El Gazzar and Derek Britton explaining the three areas.

30 seconds presentations of the tech innovations

The two videos below are the Periscope video of the 30 seconds presentations of the tech innovations recorded at the TechCentral area during Convening Leaders.
It’s a good way to have an overview of all the tech tools available there and their strongest points.

Robot attending a session

Have you ever see a remote participant attending a conference through a robot? In this video you can!

Robot Kubi on stage at the session on: Using Hybrid Events to Create Buzzworthy Experiences

This is a video recorded by an onsite participant showing an online participant attending the session from San Francisco using Kubi, a robot. With Kubi you can move the iPad Kubi has inside using your computer remotely, to see left and right and up and down to interact with the people around you.
The session, presented by Stefania Conti-Vecchi was: Using Hybrid Events to Create Buzzworthy Experiences for Virtual and F2F Attendees.


Overview of the plenary room at the opening session of Convening Leaders

This video shows the 4000 participants at the opening session. It’s very brief and it gives you an overview of the plenary room, just to have an idea of the set up and the huge number of peers attending the conference.

Having FUN at the Closing Party

People dancing, drinking, playing games, laughing and having fun. We decided to Periscope everything at #PCMACL, and in this video you can have a taste of what was going on at the Closing Party, held the 12 of January 2016.

Singing and dancing all together!

Here all the attendees are singing and dancing together at the closing party. This is the “session” on Periscope with the most viewers of the entire conference.
The Closing Party was held the 12 of January 2016.

We hope you enjoyed watching our videos. Please connect with us if you want us to be the reporters of your event or if you want to be a reporter for the portal. We are always looking for new collaborations around the world.

To be informed when we will be live streaming again be sure to download the Periscope app on your mobile and follow @eventprofsedu.

Convening Leaders 2016 Photo Gallery

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