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A meeting professional nowadays is nothing like his colleague a decade ago. The job gets ever more demanding, as a result of the growing focus on ROI and Meeting Design. The amount of skills demanded from a meeting & event expert is huge.

And there is a very important one still to come: moderation!

You can’t imagine a meeting planner or meeting owner just concerned with hospitality and logistics anymore.

Because you can’t imagine a meeting or event, without interaction, engagement, experience.

What you can imagine is the nightmare, that everything is planned perfectly, the content is there and the execution is impeccable … and then the moderator enters the stage and ruins everything.

What this tells you, is why every meeting professional should know about moderation: you always need to have someone taking care of the execution on stage!

So, as a meeting professional, you will find yourself in the position more and more, where you will have to know the basics about moderation. Or maybe even get on stage yourself.

Let’s be honest: sometimes there will be good reasons (and budget) to get in a moderation-professional. But just as many times, there will not be. And those are the moments that you might want to prepare for either to be on stage yourself, or at least to have a thorough understanding of what good moderation is.

Everyone will have to moderate more and more since meetings and the society as a whole are changing towards an ‘era of dialogue’.

The best way to be prepared is to have hands-on experience: to train your skills, to know your strengths and weaknesses and to know how to communicate with a moderator, even if you will never get on stage yourself.

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Jan-Jaap In der Maur is a moderator-facilitator, owner of Masters in and writer-director of corporate films.


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