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Convening Leaders, the annual conference organised by PCMA is an appointment that every meeting professional should not miss.

The conference showcases the latest innovations in event technology, meeting design and business event strategy. More than 4,000 passionate meetings industry leaders participate in three days of unparalleled education and orchestrated networking.

Attending the conference you can experience top-rate education, networking and business opportunities.

But what if you cannot be there? 

Too busy? This year you cannot make it?

Or maybe you just need a taste of the conference to plan to come next year?

The idea: 

“live the experience of a participant”

We love the slogan of Periscope (the live streaming application owned by Twitter),  explore the world through someone else’s eyesand we think this may be even more effective applied to our industry.

So the idea is to share with you what we experience there, at the Convening Leaders conference, that will be held in Vancouver from the 10 to the 13 of January 2016.

Through our eyes, those meeting professionals who are not able to attend the conference can be connected online and be virtually there with us, participating to some of the activities of the 3 days.

Every live streaming session will be interactive so you can ask us to meet someone, to attend a specific session or to show you something from the backstage of the conference (if possible).

Please do not expect any professional recording, we will use our mobile devices!

This is not an official live streaming even if we do it with the permission of PCMA. It’s the point of view and experience of one or more eventprofs.education reporters!

How to be connected during these 3 days:

We will live stream the sessions we are attending mainly using Periscope.

Just follow our Twitter account @eventprofsedu where we will share a link to the live streaming in real time 

If you downloaded the app on your mobile device follow us on Periscope (eventprofs.education) or if you prefer to be connected via web you can click here www.periscope.tv/eventprofsedu (refresh the page if needed).

We will send out in real time on our social media channels the key points of the sessions attended and any other networking activity taking place in Vancouver. Check what’s going on using the #eventprofsedu and the #PCMACL hashtags

You can chat with us during the conference in Vancouver commenting on the Periscope app while we are live streaming, but please consider that we cannot speak out loud if we are attending a session.

You can tweet us by clicking on the Twitter icon below.

(This text will be ready to be tweeted by you with just one click:“Hi @eventprofsedu I want to be in touch with you about #PCMACL! #eventprofs #eventprofsedu and we will contact you as soon as possible)

Stefania Conti-VecchiConnect with Stefania Conti-Vecchi she is the official eventprofs.education reporter.

You can even use our Facebook page if you’re more familiar with it. we will post all the live streaming links in real time here:


You can watch all the videos recorded at #PCMACL on demand if this is more convenient to you here:


Volunteers are welcome!

If you are attending Convening Leaders and you want to give a helping hand, please connect with us. If you need it, we will help you to be familiar with Periscope, the social media and the tech tools we are using during the conference. Let’s meet during a coffee break at the Convention Center in Vancouver, during Convening Leaders to chat about it.

If you prefer you can write down your report about the session you’re attending in real time using this form:

Submit your article/education review

or you can send us your reports/comments/pictures or videos via email at info@eventprofs.education and we will publish them here in the eventprofs.education portal and share them on our social media channels.

_Saving_____Do_you_know_how_to_embed_a_Periscope_video_on_a_web__HTML5___-_QuoraIf you want to be a live reporter live streaming sessions using Periscope, Meerkat or Livestream don’t forget to use the #eventprofsedu and the #PCMACL hashtags and to turn on the “autosave broadcast” option on the APP, to automatically save the videos on your mobile device.

Let us make our best for you to experience Convening Leaders in Vancouver!

PCMA will record and share some of the sessions. You can register yourself for free for the official live streaming of the Convening Leaders conference here: http://conveningleaders.pcma.org/home2016/live-stream

All the session and moments of the Convening Leaders conference we share in real time or on demand will be free of charge.

A special thank to PCMA and PCMA

 pcma pcma ed foundation

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