APPY days podcast

Welcome to the APPy days series!
In these series of video-tutorials, we will share with you some of the coolest apps for business we found on the market and we use for our daily job, but also some crazy stuff.
We will see together how to manage social media completely on mobile devices, how to present using an app, what are the most useful apps if you’re attending a conference or organizing it, and much more…

We know in our industry the lack of time is a real plague, and we decided to keep every episode very short, about 5 minutes, making for you a selection of all the best strategies, solutions and tools.

For every video you can find a post in our blog with more info and links.

Just click on one title of the episodes below and enjoy watching it.


Please get in touch if there are any topics you feel you would like us to cover or if you want to collaborate with us.

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